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Welcome to my online Instant Services Office - VietNam

* About us :

VietNam is a developing country with most preferred economic stability.

So, we have much of business opportunities for foreign customers / partners / investors to jump down together into the water on the right time before our WTO membership, sooner or later, to be achieved in fact.

I am representing a group of businessmen in HCM City (formerly Saigon), VietNam including : 

* Manufacturers, 

* Im & Exporters, and 

* Investors. 

We are looking for Customers / Partners / Funders worldwide who may interest on dealing with us in trading and investments. - where buyers and suppliers connect! Free trade leads - promote your business now!

* Im & Export Supplementary Operations.

* Investment Support Organizing.

* IT Solutions Optimizing.

* Import :

* COW - Crust Split Leathers.

* Genuine / Full Grain Leathers (Cow, Goat, Ostrich, etc...) for making Shoes / Bags.

* Export :

* PU Synthetics & Action Leathers : useful materials for making Shoes, Bags, Garments, Upholstery, etc...

* PU / TPU / TPR Shoe-soles : Out-soles, Mid-soles included.

* ABS / Acrlylic Heels & Soles : useful materials for making Ladies' Fashion Shoes, especially for High-heel Ladies' Shoes.

* EVA Injection Slippers, Sandals & Boots for Gents, Ladies and Kids.

* Wooden / Epoxy / Aluminum / Iron Moulds manufacturing.

* Ladies' Fashion Shoes.

* Lacquerwares for Gifts, Souvenirs, Home Decorations, etc...

* Roofing Materials : Galvanized Steel Sheets & Coils, Purlins, PVC Ceiling Boards,... - Award winning affiliate program - start making money today!

* Investment :

We are looking for Funding Sources worldwide to finance our available lucrative Project Proposals overhere in :

* Shoes Manufacturing & Leather Tannery Project.

* Housing & Construction, Real-Estates Projects.

* Bamboo Planting Project.